Common Questions of “Play Zone” Service

1. What’s Play Zone Service?

Play Zone is a HTML game center which own 500+ online games, and include all genre communities: Agile, Puzzle, Sports, Shooting, Adventure, etc. customer no need to download applications and enjoy the games easily.

2. How to access Play Zone service?

Subscribers who want to subscribe Play Zone service can accessed through URL: via mobile devices.

3. What is the charge fee for subscribtion Play Zone Service?

Users will be charged 11.97 LKR/daily (Include 1.97 Tax), after charged, Subscribers can play unlimited online games

4. How to play Play Zone Mobile Service?

Subscriber login URL by mobile device, click the games that he wants to play, there is guidance in each game.

5. How to unsubscribe “Play Zone” service?

To unsubscribe, visit to unregister Play Zone service.

6. How do I contact User Support?

If you can’t find the answer to your question on our help site, you can always get in touch with call center. We will support you well. Call – 0711095588